Seibu Smile Park operates hourly and monthly parking spaces as well as bicycle parking spaces mainly along the Seibu lines.

Our efforts include promoting Park & Ride facilities to help reduce CO2 emissions and the spreading of various forms of payment such as with transportation IC cards and QR codes in an aim to enhance convenience and contribute to the local community.

In addition to utilizing areas around stations, unused land owned by the Seibu Group, and areas under elevated railway tracks, we are also commissioned to carry out operations from outside the group.


Park and Ride service image

Park&Ride discount service

If you park at a Park & Ride parking space and have a transportation IC card such as PASMO with an exit history on that day at the train station closest to that parking space, you can get a 200 yen discount on the maximum parking fee by touching it on the reader of the fare adjustment machine.
(*Applicable only when the maximum fee has been reached.)

"PASMO" is a registered trademark of PASMO Co.,Ltd.

Wider space service image

Wider space

Bicycle racks have been installed further apart from each other so that electric bicycles and large frame bicycles can be mounted and unmounted more smoothly.

Payments through QR codes service image

Payments through QR codes

Payments can be made at bicycle parking spaces that have QR codes by scanning them with smartphone cameras or scanner apps. By scanning a QR code, you can make your payment near your bicycle and leave more speedily because you do not have to go back and forth between your bicycle and the fare adjustment machine.

Other Services


Seibu Smile Park offers the following sharing services.

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Reserved automobile/bicycle parking spaces

Seibu Smile Park offers the following reservation services.

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Express delivery lockers

Seibu Smile Park has express delivery lockers available.

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